Stones and their benefits

Moss Agate

  • Linked to the Heart Chakra
  • Positive stone, carrier of well-being and joy
  • Brings calm, appeasement and restores confidence in oneself and one's own abilities
  • Opens the mind and makes it more receptive to the positive influences of the natural elements
  • Stone of communication and antidepressant, moss agate dispels fears
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  • stone of harmony
  • Stone of truth, helping to perceive the truth for oneself and others
  • Helps us communicate our true feelings and thoughts
  • Can help us see more clearly what we want or feel
  • Protects us from negative thoughts
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  • Symbol of serenity and balance, sincerity, wisdom and temperance
  • Acts against stress, dissolves anxiety and calms anxieties
  • Develops memory
  • Promotes sleep
  • Removes negative thoughts
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pink aventurine

  • Opportunity Stone
  • Brings joy and regeneration
  • Excellent against depression and insomnia
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  • Dissolves negativity and prevents us from absorbing negativity from others
  • Calm in times of stress or worry
  • protective stone
  • Get courage and strength
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  • Reduces anxiety, tension and stress
  • Unties and harmonizes negative energies
  • Allay all fears
  • Very good ally against depression
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white jade

  • Encourages to be more independent
  • Brings clarity of mind
  • Drive away negative thoughts
  • Contributes strongly to the realization of dreams
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Jasper Chrysanthemum

  • Promotes a positive and optimistic attitude
  • Gives the courage to tackle problems, make decisions, carry out projects
  • Energy stone that recharges the body and promotes vitality
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kiwi jasper

  • Excellent support during times of stress and depression
  • Brings relaxation and tranquility while helping to keep your spirits up
  • Its positive vibrations will allow you to maintain a good mood, a feeling of peace and a good emotional balance.
  • Has protective effects and absorbs negative energies
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landscape jasper

  • Facilitates perseverance and patience
  • Boosts mental alertness and stimulates creativity
  • Help with meditation
  • A soothing stone, it tempers excessive emotions and the tensions caused by these emotions.
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Pink Zebra Jasper

  • Bring satisfaction and joy
  • Reduce anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Protective stone that would provide stability, security and anchoring
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  • Protects against negative energies
  • Encourage inspiration
  • Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Gives energy
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  • Stone of protection of the mind
  • Provides grounding
  • Protection against negative energies
  • Promotes meditation and patience
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Bull's eye

  • Bring strength and courage
  • Brings more self-confidence and autonomy
  • Acts as a protective shield by reflecting negative energy back to the sender

lava stone

  • Rooting stone that allows a strong connection to the Earth
  • Helps to manage our anger in order to express it and free ourselves from it
  • Promotes self-knowledge
  • Acts against negativity
  • essential oil diffuser
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Rainbow Moonstone or White Labradorite

  • Stone that helps with self-confidence and awareness of its value
  • Affects self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Develops intuition, sensitivity and clairvoyance
  • Helps to shine your own light, let emerge and radiate the feminine in you
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river stone

  • Promote relaxation and mental relaxation by bringing a feeling of calm and serenity
  • Help release emotional blockages and promote the expression of feelings
  • Helping to reconnect with oneself and one's intuition by promoting anchoring
  • Stimulate creativity and imagination
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sun stone

  • Source of light, heat and life
  • Drives away negativity, sadness and depression
  • Hot stone, full of internal energy, joy, cheerfulness but it is also a stone of friendship and encounters
  • Spreads a lot of vitality, good humor, optimism and promotes letting go and helps to detach oneself from the gaze of others
  • Gives confidence, dispels complexes and stimulates action
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white quartz

  • Evokes peace, calm and tenderness
  • Brings inspiration and focus
  • Clarifies thoughts and develops a sense of order and organization
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pink quartz

  • Stone of love, tenderness, calm and rest
  • Helps to love and accept yourself as you are
  • Brings softness, harmony and serenity
  • Soothes and heals emotional wounds
  • open the heart
  • stone of forgiveness
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